Archean Environment: the habitat of early life

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Archean Surface Environments


Field conference in the Eoarchean complexes of West Greenland

July 2010


More details will follow

The ESF “Archean Environment” research networking programme is organizing a field-based conference on Earth’s earliest surface environments. The conference will be held in the Nuuk region of west Greenland starting ca July 15th and ending ca. July 27th. Due to logistical constraints the number of participants will be limited to 18. There will be 3 field days on the Isua Supracrustal Belt, one field day in the gneiss terranes of Nuuk Fiord, one field day at Akalia Island, and 2 conference days in Nuuk. The conference will start and end at Copenhagen Airport. In order to have maximal flexibility with regard to weather, the order in which the different components of the conference will be carried out will be determined during the conference. For this reason, it will not be possible to attend only part of the programme.

            There are scheduled flights to Nuuk from Copenhagen via Kangerlussuaq. During the summer season there is one morning flight per day from Copenhagen. The participants must therefore arrive in Copenhagen the day before departure for Greenland.


The ice margin at Isua


Isua is situated at 700 m altitude near the margin of the Greenland Inland Ice. The field days at Isua will be based in a very primitive ad hoc tent camp, and field sites will be visited on foot. The terrain is very gentle and usually the weather is agreeable during July, although, occasionally, it might snow. Hiking will not be very strenuous, but participants must be fit for hiking and prepared for tent camping. We will provide further information as the planning progresses.


Summer camp at Isua                            Isua by night



Lodging, conference facilities, meals and logistics within Greenland will provided by the ESF ArchEnvironments Programme, and there will be a limited number of travel grants to cover travel to Greenland for some participants.


We would like to call for expressions of interest before April 15th.

Please state whether you will able to cover your own travel expenses to Nuuk.


The conference and the field trips will be organized by Martin Whitehouse and Minik Rosing.